Pinda Sweda

Pinda Sweda is the firm massage of the body using a medicated bolus or cloth bag. The bolus may be filled with grains, herbs and milk, depending on your individual concern and constitution.

This invigorating therapy boosts the entire body for increased energy & vitality. It revitalises the senses, helps balance stress, & increases peace & harmony in the body-mind system. It’s excellent for increasing heat in the body, thereby aiding stimulation of cold fat tissues &  encouraging sweating. Includes a full-body massage before treatment.

  • arthritis*
  • weakness & emaciation
  • dry skin
  • stress
  • stiff joints
  • insomnia
  • paraplegia
  • blood disorders
  • headaches
  • chest congestion
  • obesity
  • water retention*
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • bronchial asthma

*gentle pressure

Cost: $45 

Time: 1 hr

Available at the Lobethal Clinic



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